How to Complete Out of Curiosity in Escape From Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov has an tricky set of interconnected quests that scaffold your development via the game. As you make your manner thru Skier’s mission chain, you’ll finally attain a fixed of tasks referred to as Chemical, a challenge with four parts. When you reach Chemical – Part 4, you’ll also get separate duties from Therapist and Prapor. The one from Therapist is known as Out of Curiosity and asks that instead of completing Chemical – Part 4 for Skier, you do the same challenge however complete it with Therapist. Here’s how to complete Out of Curiosity for Buy EFT Roubles Therapist in Escape from Tarkov.

How to Complete the Out of Curiosity Therapist Task in Escape From Tarkov

Like the rest of the Skier Chemical quests that preceded it, you’re headed lower back to Customs to finish Out of Curiosity. You need to go to the warehouses inside the a ways west of the map, past each fuel stations and the railroad tracks. If you return to the river, Crack House, or Fortress, you’re headed within the incorrect direction. 

Your task is to plant an MS2000 Marker on a van within the depot, the westernmost of the three warehouses. There’s also no longer a whole lot muddle interior of Depot, and also you’ll understand the constructing via the two smokestacks close to it, in addition to the tall tower with a ladder main up. 

To whole the first pair of subtasks for Out of Curiosity, head into the depot, locate the again of the mild green van, and plant the Marker there. You’ll want to stay alive even as a 30-second timer counts down. You don’t want to be across the Marker while the timer ticks, but, in case you die, you’ll should plant a new one in any other raid. 

Once you place the Marker, you want to effectively extract from Customs to finish the very last subtask. You don’t need to extract from the identical raid you plant the Marker, but you may have to continue to exist at the least as soon as — run throughs don’t matter.

When you come to your dealer display screen, you'll see you have got completed — however no longer finished — Chemical – Part 4 for Skier, Big Customer for Cheap EFT Roubles Prapor, and Out of Curiosity for Therapist. You now must pick out who to complete the quest with.